In the Stride… and Happy 4th!

Birmingham. Charlotte. Atlanta. Louisville. Columbus. Indianapolis. Milwaukee.  Chicago.  Rochester Hills.  Cedar Rapids.

Happy 4th of July!

We’re 15 shows into the tour now and feel like we’re starting to hit our stride with the new songs! Be Gone and Windy Like have been new additions to our set lists, and we played a version of Hey Hey in Columbus too… Having lots of fun in our pre-show meet + greets meeting fans and hearing about their travels from far and wide. We’re so grateful to all of you who are road tripping to join up with us and catch a show. One guy, Charlie, flew in from Alaska to Birmingham with a pocket full of harmonicas, so we invited him up on stage with us to jam on Here We Go! We also had an incredible crew of future chefs and pastry makers, Five Loaves, cater our dinner there… Ahh the chimichurri!

Charlotte was one of the loudest singing crowds we’ve ever played to as the moon rose high in the sky, Atlanta was super hot until the heavens broke and dumped rain to the cheers of the crowd… Louisville’s venue was beautiful and surrounded by a massive forest where we wandered and played a version of Painted Yellow Lines. Columbus was our guitar / bass wizard Matt Embree’s bday so we played endless hoops and rolled a massive soccer ball birthday cake out on stage for him. And Indianapolis was a little taste of summer heaven playing in a state park with grassy fields for days and a river right behind us.

We played a pop up acoustic show at an Irish bar in Peoria, Illinois where I asked people if they were coming to Milwaukee the next day. Crickets. Didn’t realize “close” by tour bus standards is still 4-5 hours away 🙂 Hilarious. I am so geographically challenged and tour bus living is sort of like a magic carpet ride where you just wake up in the next city and feel like it must have been nearby!

Wild Ones continues to climb the radio charts. We miss Pete like crazy and continue to listen to endless stories of fans who have been encouraged and strengthened by our mate’s brave struggle.  Forest Hills, NY tomorrow…  have a blessed holiday 🙂

5 Shows In! Summer ’17 Tour

Ogden. Red Rocks. Telluride. Salt Lake City. Austin.

5 shows into our tour and we’re starting to hit our stride and having such a good time refining the show each night! Every city and venue brings different energy (and altitude!) and it feels great to be back out on the road again… cue Willy! Red Rocks was like falling into a wall of light. Telluride was so beautiful we needed oxygen. Salt Lake was a literally a fragrant rose garden surrounded by mountains where some of our favorite US soccer players came w jerseys for us. And Austin was our first ever show in Texas and some of the loudest most epic singing we’ve heard in a long while…


We miss not having our brother out on tour with us, but every night it’s been an honor to share his story and bravery… and the Pete Pete Pete chants have been so filled with love from our fans!  Pedro, you’re fighting an amazing fight and bringing hope to so many.

Today was a much needed day off in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Good times along a river.

Jake Shimabukuro – one of the world’s greatest ukulele players, and a sweet friend – has been sitting in with us on Flag, Flying Horses, and Rice Water and bringing so much to the music. Man the guy just shreds so tastefully…

What an exciting new season for the band. We’re grateful to be playing. And so cool to hear Wild Ones getting picked up by radio stations across the country!

Tomoro Birmingham.

Thanks to all for coming out and bringing so much beautiful energy to the shows…


Dispatch Red Rocks 2017