5 Shows In! Summer ’17 Tour

Ogden. Red Rocks. Telluride. Salt Lake City. Austin.

5 shows into our tour and we’re starting to hit our stride and having such a good time refining the show each night! Every city and venue brings different energy (and altitude!) and it feels great to be back out on the road again… cue Willy! Red Rocks was like falling into a wall of light. Telluride was so beautiful we needed oxygen. Salt Lake was a literally a fragrant rose garden surrounded by mountains where some of our favorite US soccer players came w jerseys for us. And Austin was our first ever show in Texas and some of the loudest most epic singing we’ve heard in a long while…


We miss not having our brother out on tour with us, but every night it’s been an honor to share his story and bravery… and the Pete Pete Pete chants have been so filled with love from our fans!  Pedro, you’re fighting an amazing fight and bringing hope to so many.

Today was a much needed day off in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Good times along a river.

Jake Shimabukuro – one of the world’s greatest ukulele players, and a sweet friend – has been sitting in with us on Flag, Flying Horses, and Rice Water and bringing so much to the music. Man the guy just shreds so tastefully…

What an exciting new season for the band. We’re grateful to be playing. And so cool to hear Wild Ones getting picked up by radio stations across the country!

Tomoro Birmingham.

Thanks to all for coming out and bringing so much beautiful energy to the shows…


Dispatch Red Rocks 2017



We’re not supposed to be that​. ​ I have always wondered how that could possibly happen to a person​ — ​especially ​someone like me who loves to adventure, seek, risk, serve, and love with reckless abandon.
And then ​I​ was ​taking a shower, and didn’t move for about 15 minutes. The water was just the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, and things ​got quiet like a black and white photograph. It was really nice, ​I​ mean really nice… and ​I​ could have stayed there forever.

And so ​I​ wonder is that ​the point? Coming out of my steamy lostness, ​I​ then  ​slowly turned the temp up as high as ​I​ could take it and ​I ​started to tingle with a sweet burn… And then ​I ​immediately cranked the handles to icy cold and went as far as ​I ​could in that direction too, and my lungs opened up and head filled with light.

Both extremes were ​invigorating and heart pumping, and ​I​ felt every sense waking up with small waves of adrenaline.  ​​W​hen ​I​ stepped out of my perfect waterfall and back into the reality of my hotel room, ​I ​thought about how short life could be if ​I​ slowly forgot to chase after incredible heat and beautiful chills in every area of life… and where else ​I​ might need to wake up and change the temperature well north or south of comfort?

Yes, yes​, ​Papa. Yes​,​ Great Love!

Shock us back to life and risk through heavenly washes of color, fire, and ice… Hallelujah!