We’re not supposed to be that​. ​ I have always wondered how that could possibly happen to a person​ — ​especially ​someone like me who loves to adventure, seek, risk, serve, and love with reckless abandon.
And then ​I​ was ​taking a shower, and didn’t move for about 15 minutes. The water was just the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, and things ​got quiet like a black and white photograph. It was really nice, ​I​ mean really nice… and ​I​ could have stayed there forever.

And so ​I​ wonder is that ​the point? Coming out of my steamy lostness, ​I​ then  ​slowly turned the temp up as high as ​I​ could take it and ​I ​started to tingle with a sweet burn… And then ​I ​immediately cranked the handles to icy cold and went as far as ​I ​could in that direction too, and my lungs opened up and head filled with light.

Both extremes were ​invigorating and heart pumping, and ​I​ felt every sense waking up with small waves of adrenaline.  ​​W​hen ​I​ stepped out of my perfect waterfall and back into the reality of my hotel room, ​I ​thought about how short life could be if ​I​ slowly forgot to chase after incredible heat and beautiful chills in every area of life… and where else ​I​ might need to wake up and change the temperature well north or south of comfort?

Yes, yes​, ​Papa. Yes​,​ Great Love!

Shock us back to life and risk through heavenly washes of color, fire, and ice… Hallelujah!

The Frenzy

We are supposed to move our bodies through time and space and color – exercising and adventuring – to slow things down in our hearts and minds for healing and inspiration, resting our inner being as we immerse our outer-selves in beauty, walking, hiking, reaching…

Instead we stop our bodies, ceasing motion altogether, and look down into a piece of glass that engages our hearts and minds with frantic activity and pictures that act like sugar. Our outer being, rigid and brittle, as we spin our hearts and minds into an addicted frenzy… swiping, liking, searching, and never finding enough…